Don’t wait any longer to see it yourself; Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda

An excited tourist visited Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and returned with amazing photos and incredible stories, as well as this advice: Don’t wait any longer to see it yourself.

This picture was hard work. It started the day before on a sunset drive organized by the campsite. During the game drive our ranger talked to another group who has just seen a leopard in the tree with its kill. Enthusiastic we drove to the spot. A lot of cars standing there. A good sign. But the leopard was gone. Only a dead impala was left hanging in the tree. This was the third time we missed a leopard by seconds. Kinda frustrated and dissappointed I tagged this GPS location in my phone. The next day we started our self game drive by visiting this spot. Arriving we saw the impala up there in the tree, untouched since last night. No leopard.

We decided to stay and wait. First row, best place. The leopard will surely come back. After about 10 minutes we heard a deep roaring. Was that the leopard? A couple minutes later again, from a different direction. The leopard must be around here. The next time we heard the deep noise a ranger was standing beside us and confirmed that this was a leopard roar. So we continued waiting… waiting… waiting… We’ve been waiting there for about 70 minutes. There was no roaring in the last half hour. So we ddiscussed leaving or staying 20 more minutes. We stayed. No indication for the leopard. Only a dead impala in the tree. A couple of minutes later I saw a shadow behind a bush. Shortly after again. It was an elegant movement.

This must be the leopard, I was convinced. My wife thought I was going crazy because she hasn’t seen anything. I got excited. The air was full of tension. Then suddenly this majestic cat stepped out in front of the bush, walked by and climbed up the tree. Now, we had the best place to observe the leopard in full glory. After eating its kill for about 90 minutes the leopard climbed down the tree and dissappeared again. What an encounter. I will never forget it. Our patience paid off.


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